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NJCLASS Loan Delinquency | New Jersey Student Financial Aid | HESAA

NJCLASS Loan Delinquency

If you don’t make a payment on time or if you start missing payments—even one—your loan is considered delinquent.

It is important that you try and resolve any student loan delinquency immediately. While it may be difficult to make that monthly payment today, it could be even harder to make up two months of payments next month. It is important that you contact HESAA NOW to discuss what to do.

NJCLASS loans often have co-borrowers and/or cosigners on the loan. Borrowers who are encountering payment difficulties should speak to their co-borrowers and cosigners about helping them make payments. It is important that co-borrowers and cosigners understand that any delinquency on a NJCLASS loan also affects their credit history.

When you miss a payment, HESAA, as your lender will contact you and the other parties on the loan by phone or mail to alert you of the missed payment. It is important that you don’t ignore your delinquency but work to resolve it! Here are some tips to consider:

  • Have honest discussions with any cosigners to the loan to see if they can make the payments while you unable to do so. Remind them that they are responsible for repayment if you can’t make payment and failure to make timely payment will hurt their credit as well as yours.
  • Evaluate monthly income and expenses to see if you can adjust your household budget in order to better meet your obligations.
  • Phone HESAA's Customer Care Line (609) 584-4480 or 1-800-792-8670. Customer Care email is to discuss any deferment or forbearance options. You may be approved to make interest only payments for a temporary period of time.
  • Manage your money and change your spending habits
  • Make a budget and stick with it. Be careful with credit card spending by using your credit card for emergencies only and don’t spend more than you can afford to pay.
  • You should also open a checking account and learn how to balance your checkbook, resist impulse buying, buy only what you need, not what would be nice to have, and when you do shop, use coupons and look for sales.

If your NJCLASS Loan Delinquency continues, HESAA may initiate other collection efforts to collect the debt, or may limit your eligibility for State grants and scholarships:

Potential Loss of State Financial Aid
If your NJCLASS account becomes delinquent, you may lose your eligibility for additional financial aid, such as New Jersey’s Tuition Aid Grant program.

Potential Administrative Wage Garnishment
If your account remains delinquent, HESAA may take steps to initiate Administrative Wage Garnishment. This means that your employer may be contacted and instructed to withhold up to 10% of your wages. If you are having difficulties repaying your NJCLASS Loan, you should contact us immediately so that we can help you protect your credit.